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Paying cash for a PV (photovoltaic) system isn’t always best, check out your options!

While there is a place for the cash client in every industry, designing a PV system to fit your needs is as unique as you are. We have an arsenal of financing, lease, rebate and grant opportunities available. We can help evaluate the short and long-term benefits to determine which option is best suited for you. Click here to receive your complimentary financial needs analysis.

Stay advised of all the Solar Industry credits and incentives, straight from the source!

Since originally enacted in 1976, the Hawaii Energy Tax Credits have been amended several times.  HB 2957, enacted in June 2006, removed the credit’s sunset date, increased the maximum credit for some applications, and eliminated the provision that required new federal tax credits to be deducted from the actual cost before calculating the state tax credit.  Clarifications were adopted in June 2013 to clarify definitions of systems and how to apply tax credits.  Read more at