Helping Hawaii’s Non-Profits save green by going green!

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We have been blessed to secure financing specifically designed to help local ‘Hawaii Based’ non-profits, schools and churches own their PV systems.

It’s an amazing program – No Money Down and Full System Ownership at term end.  Use a photovoltaic lease or PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) option to lower your electric bill.   Should you belong to or know of any non-profits who could benefit from our clean energy programs, or to receive an application, please contact us today.

The application in PDF format can also be downloaded directly HERE.


About the “Lei Kukuna-o-ka-la”

Kukuna O Ka La

The mangroves that produce the material for the lei kukuna-o-ka-la were introduced to Hawai’i in 1922. The stiff yellow to red calyxes resembling the rays of the sun are gathered from trees that grow at the mouths of streams in brackish water during the later summer and through the fall when they are plentiful.

One really doesn’t appreciate the lei kukuna-o-ka-la until one has gathered the calyxes for oneself and has fought off the mosquitoes and sloshed knee deep in swamp mud and water. Appreciation increases when one discovers the lei kukuna-o-ka-la will keep well for more than a week and is even wearable after it is completely dried.

Reference: “Ka Lei, The Leis of Hawaii” by Marie A. McDonald

McDonald has spent 50 years producing the exquisite lei of Hawaii. For this long-standing commitment to Hawaiian arts, McDonald was recognized as a National Heritage Fellow by the National Endowment for the Arts. She is one of Hawaii’s best known authorities on the subject and author of the definitive Ka Lei—The Leis of Hawaii and Na Lei Makamae, co-authored with Paul Weissich. In the process of researching these books she has brought to light the particular beauty of pre-contact lei.